Foil Containers

Foil Containers
Code Image Product Name
K421 K421R 9" Family Pie (450)
K422R K422R Oval Family Pie (350)
K42300 K423 Utility Foil (350)
K430LF K430LF to Suit K430VP 4oz Pud. (5018LB)
K431LF K431LF Lid To Suit 8oz (500)
K432LF K432LF Lids To Suit K432VP 300
K434LF K434LF Lids To Suit K434VP 150
K44900 K449R Pizza Tray King Foil 500
K421RH Kingfoil 421RH (1000)
K301R Kingfoil K301R Small Tart 1000
K304R Kingfoil K304R Small Pie (1000
K335 Kingfoil K335 (2000)
K336 Kingfoil K336 (1000)
K340RBH Kingfoil K340RBH 4 1/4x1 2000
K345R Kingfoil K345R Square Pie 500
K346R Kingfoil K346R (2000)
K346RH Kingfoil K346RH (2000)
K405R Kingfoil K405R Flan (500)
K406R Kingfoil K406R 6 3/4x7/8 (500)
K407VP Kingfoil K407VP (400)
K417R Kingfoil K417R CHDISH RE (500)
K418VH Kingfoil K418VH Lg Rnd (400)
K424R Kingfoil K424R Family Pie 500)
K430R Kingfoil K430R 4oz Pudd. (500) Kingfoil K430R 4oz Pudd. (500)