Jams, Fillings And Syrups

Jams, Fillings And Syrups
Code Image Product Name
MAPS0A AFIS Maple Syrup Imitation 6kg
BANF0P AM Banana Filling 12kg
LEMF13 AM Lemon Filling 15kg
RASFKP AM Rasplum Filling 15kg
BANF0B Bakers Banana Filling 17kg
APPPCBA Barkers Apple Patisserie Creme 4x1.25kg
APRBF14 Barkers Apricot Berrycrush 14k
APRG0B Barkers Apricot Glaze 19kg
APRG50B Barkers Apricot Glaze 5kg
BLACBA12 Barkers Black Cherry Filling 12kg
BLACBA17 Barkers Black Cherry Filling 17kg
BLACBA45 Barkers Black Cherry Filling 4.5kg
BLUF0BA Barkers Blueberry Filling 17kg
BOYF45 Barkers Boysenberry Filling 4.5kg
SAVFCA Barkers Capsicum & Apricot Savoury Fill 4x1.25kg
CARDF00 Barkers Caramel Deluxe Filingl 5kg Barkers Caramel Deluxe Filingl 5kg
SAVFCO Barkers Caramelised Onion Savoury Fill 4x1.25kg
CHOCC0B Barkers Choco Classic Creme 4x1.25kg
CUSPCBA Barkers Custard Pat Creme 4x1.25kg
SAVFHA Barkers Hawaian Savoury Filling 4x1.25kg
LEMPF00 Barkers Lemon & Passionfruit 4x1.25kg
LEMC19B Barkers Lemon Curd 19kg
LEMCBA Barkers Lemon Curd 4x1.25kg
LEMC0BA5 Barkers Lemon Curd 5kg