Spices And Seeds

Spices And Seeds
Code Image Product Name
ANIS00 Anise Star Whole 1kg
ANIG00 Aniseed Ground 1kg
ANIW00 Aniseed Whole 1kg
DUTC5A Apromo Dutch Cocoa 5kg
PEPWB00 Asta Whole Black Pepper 1kg
BASI00 Basil Flakes 10kg
BASI2 Basil Flakes 1kg
BAYL00 Bay Leaves 500g
BEEP00 Beetroot Frz Dried Powder 300G
BICA20 Bicarbonate Soda 25kg
BICA00 Bicarbonate Soda 2kg
PEPB25 Black Ground Pepper 25kg
PEPB20 Black Pepper Ground 20kg
COCP00 Callebaut Cocoa Powder 5kg Callebaut Cocoa Powder 5kg
CARG02 Caraway Ground 1kg
CARG00 Cardamon Ground 1KG
CARG25 Cardamon Ground 25kg
CARP00 Cardamon Pods 1KG
CARS5 Carraway Seeds 2.5kg
CARS25 Carraway Seeds 25kg
CASS25 Cassia 20kg
CASS20 Cassia Ground 15kg
CASS2 Cassia Ground 2kg
CELP00 Celery Powder 5kg